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Euro T20 Slam Venue:


Ground the world great news for the cricket lovers, that held in Europe. now European will have to enjoy the warmth of the cricket league.

The presentation of the six teams of the tournament has been out. But still, all people waiting for the euro t20 slam venue of all the match installation of the league.

Also, the tickets for the match which will be played in Europe and across three countries. we are all excited to get the tickets and fly towards the playground where all teams will play the splendid game with pride and honor. For further info about the match we will update by the official partner, who will provide the tickets of Euro T20 Slam.

For International Cricket Matches Ireland has many cricket grounds . Below is the list of current Men’s International Cricket grounds in Ireland.

The franchise has at least nine domestic and six international cricket players in the playing teams. the great fun in cricket is ball by ball action. in the ground, it’s always fun and treats that what’s going on. live score ball to ball action soon live for everyone with the broadcast partner, who updates from the ground.

VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam

Netherlands ‘s VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam will host first 10 group matches from the start of event date 30th August to 5th September 2019 moreover  each venue will host 10 group matches.

The Grange Club, Edinburgh

The Second Venue for next ten matches is The Grange Club, Edinburgh from Scotland here match will played from 6th September 2019 to 12th September 2019.

The Malahide Cricket Club, Dublin

The Third and final remaining 10 group matches will be played at The Malahide Cricket Club, Dublin Ireland not only 10 group matches will be played but also 3 main Knock-out Stage matches of the euro t20 league will also be played at this club.

The managing partner of Woods Entertainment, Mr. Prashant Mishra said,

“After consultation with the cricket boards of Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands, we come to a general consensus over the name. Since the term league is used all across the world for T20 events, we wanted to add the energy factor to our tournament, hence we have decided to name it Euro T20 Slam.”

During all the scheduled each team has six local players for each match. Chief Executive of the Cricket Ireland said,

The process wasn’t just about establishing a mere name, but rather giving the tournament an identity which both aligned it with other global domestic leagues, yet made it a distinctive and a vibrant brand.

Further, he added

It was important to us to convey our points of difference that would resonate in local markets – in Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands – where cricket is not the dominant sport in town. The touch points of geography, cricket and excitement was our goal, and we hope it will gain the necessary traction with fans.




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